11th International Human Peroxidase Meeting

September 4 – 7, 2019
Brno, Czech Republic

Registration and Abstract submission deadline is extended until July 7th

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we cordially invite you to attend the 11th International Human Peroxidase Meeting in Brno, Czech Republic.

The International Human Peroxidase Meeting serves as the premier meeting for researchers in the field of mammalian heme peroxidases (myeloperoxidase, eosinophil peroxidase, lactoperoxidase, thyroid peroxidase, peroxidasins 1 & 2) and their role in human health and disease. Historically, this meeting has been attended by world leaders in areas of both clinical and basic research. The meeting has been held every 2-3 years in attractive international locations (Luxembourg 1996; Frauenchiemsee, Germany 1998; Vienna, Austria 2000; Kyoto Japan, 2004; Akaroa, New Zealand 2007; Chapel Hill, USA 2009; Brussels, Belgium 2011; Sydney, Australia 2013; Cologne, Germany 2015; Breckenridge, USA 2017).

Now 23 years later, we are honoured to invite the research community to the 11th International Human Peroxidase Meeting in Brno (Czech Republic), a picturesque historical town close to the capitals Prag, Vienna and Bratislava. In the monastery gardens of the Augustinian Abbey of St. Thomas the Abbot Gregor Mendel conducted his experiments on pea plants between 1856 and 1863 and laid the fundaments for modern genetics. The plenary lecture and open ceremony of this meeting will take place in Mendel´s refectory on the evening of September 4, 2019.

At a glance

The conference will be held in the Barceló Brno Palace hotel, located in the historical city centre.

The 11th International Human Peroxidase meeting will cover

molecular enzymology of peroxidases
chemistry and biochemistry of oxidation products
peroxidases in host defence and tissue biology
physiology and pathophysiology of heme peroxidases
therapeutics: design and function